Emerge works with a wide range of industries and market sectors. We have more than 20 years of experience providing solutions to the following industries.

Retailing Industry

Emerge provides retail organization with BI solutions that help them achieve new levels of operational excellence in areas including:

  • Procurement and store replenishment algorithms
  • Sales & category performance reporting
  • Inventory/In-stock optimization
  • Product mix planning
  • Customer loyalty and marketing scorecarding
  • Geospatial analysis and reporting
Energy & Resources Industry

Emerge has been working on BI initiatives to address key challenges in the utility and energy sector to companies and regulatory organizations make better decision, including:

  • Improving the accuracy of electricity and natural gas demand forecasts
  • Auditing and optimization of long-term resource plans
  • Development of intricate financial models and forecasts
  • Cost-benefit analysis for energy reduction programs
Manufacturing and Transportation Industry

We work with our manufacturing and transportation clients to analyze their operational data to help them improve the quality, increase yield, reduce manufacturing costs, and optimize the allocation of limited resources. We have created exceptional results with lasting impact in the following areas:

  • Consolidate disparate data sources into a single reporting platform so that you have a “single view of the business” for faster business insight.
  • Provide visibility and "headlights" to operational results, revenue information, and other key performance indicators of the company via BI dashboards.
  • Harmonize supply and demand forecast data across multi-hierarchies to synchronize planning and operations systems (ERP, CRM, and APS).
  • Improve the allocation of human and capital resources through linking trade strategy and spending performance with active decision processes.
Government Agencies

Emerge has provided many government business intelligence solutions and consulting services that allow agencies to equip their managers and information workers with insights necessary to successfully conduct government affairs at the national and provincial levels, including:

  • Analysis, design, and development of complete BI reporting and analytics solutions
  • Automate regulatory compliance reporting and auditing
  • Data ETL and quality initiatives
  • Economic modelling
    • Pricing and demand studies
    • Performance benchmarking
    • Retrospective and long-term forecast modeling
    • Risk assessments
Telecom & Media Industry

Emerge has experience in the telecommunications industry with in land-line, wireless and multi-media to support database and BI projects to assist you with:

  • Developing an optimized business intelligence platform to support your tactical and strategic initiatives.
  • Advanced OLAP and Data Mining capabilities.
  • Network intelligence and reporting to continuously monitor and improve performance across multiple vendor technologies with a single view of the network.
  • Financial reporting framework for special initiatives.

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